Work with me

You’re a rebel in transition.

Rebels are fast thinkers, dot connectors and status-quo busters — perfect for entrepreneurship.

You’re a multi-potentialite who’s burned out by business as usual, seeking more freedom and impact in your life and work. Linear, boxy best-practices and tools don’t mesh well with your innovative, non-traditional mind. You’re often dazzled by too many possibilities, which makes it tough (and uninteresting) to focus.

You may be a refugee from the corporate world, ready to blaze your own trail and replace meaningless mission statements with authentic, purposeful progress. But where to start?

Or you might be a serial entrepreneur who’s keen to build a strong foundation for your new venture from the get-go; a foundation that deepens grounded presence and clarity within yourself and your team, without sacrificing agility.

Regardless of where you’re coming from… if you’re an entrepreneurial rebel, you’re in the right place.


1:1 Authenticity Coaching

You’ve been in business long enough to realize it’s sucking your soul dry. Perhaps you’ve wandered far from what lights you up in life, work or relationships. You’re ready to be true to yourself… and to be a more authentic leader, parent or partner.

We’ll work together over 12 – 18 sessions to re-integrate sides of you that have been lost or abandoned using theTouchstone, practice listening to your own somatic and emotional wisdom, and transform your world.

“Working with Jen has been life-changing beyond expectations! Her ability to probe beneath the surface is masterful. I learned more about myself than I thought was possible.”

-Val, Director, Clinical Ops

Intentional Rebels


A 3-month program designed to help you get grounded in your truth and step into the best version of you…. all within a safe container of Belonging to a tribe of equally original minds.

For program details and to get on the wait list, click below.

I now have a great idea of who I can become again and what lights me up. I am now happier to be unapologetically me, and I am more confident at work. I now have better relationships with people as am more willing to speak up or do things I felt awkward with before.”

– Tanya, Global CX, Strategy & Operations

Many of my “aha” moments happened during a discussion of another’s question or coursework. Jen’s thoughtful guidance through the whole process really brought that out for all of us. I feel more focused, empowered, and emotionally stronger in that I can work through them, acknowledge them and come back to a place of calm and focus faster and better.”

– Elizabeth, Realtor and aspiring founder

1:1 Coaching for New Founders

You’re a mid- to senior-level professional who’s ready to make the leap from employment to entrepreneurship in a way that feels authentic to you… but clarity and/or confidence are lacking. We’ll build a firm foundation with the Touchstone, then tap my 30 years of strategy experience to design your authentic rebel brand.

18 – 24 sessions depending on level of clarity on self and vision.

“I’m more certain about my pathway, and excited about my brand and the possibilities. Having Jen as a coach is the fuel to get focused, build and grow the business I want at this stage in my life. What she does is magic.”

– Beth, CEO, The Henson Group

Speaking & workshops

For leadership teams who are committed to a more human future of work, I can speak on going “Beyond EQ for Leaders,” understanding and harnessing the role of motivating emotions to design magnetic cultures and companies.

I can also work with your team individually and in groups using the Touchstone fundamentals, “starting with WHO” (not why) for alignment and authentic leadership.

“Jen is a very skillful facilitator; she worked with our leadership team, keeping them out of the weeds… at the end of the day we were enthusiastic, and two years later, we’re still committed to our path!” – CX Director, CA Franchise Tax Board

“Jen is positive, energetic and a talented storyteller who knows how to get people committed to a cause.” – Rachael, Chief Customer Officer

“Jen has the unique ability to tailor her messages to audiences at all levels in the organization.” – Brand lead, J&J


“In short order, Jennifer was able to walk me through a door I never knew existed. The process she uses is hardly difficult, but I certainly didn’t expect the seismic shifts in my thinking, my body or heart. I can authentically say, my confidence is growing. My health is improving. My attitude at work has transformed. And I can hear my own voice without the clutter of shame, should’s, and habitual negative self-talk.” – Krystal, co-founder and award-winning creative director

“If you want someone who takes a less usual path to get results, I strongly recommend Jen.” – Fiona, Chief Strategy Officer

“I have worked with my fair share of coaches and consultants, but working with Jen was unique. Working with Jen made an immediate impact in my work/life balance.” – Lauren, co-founder, brand agency

“Jen is like an intuitive acupuncturist for the psyche, knowing just where and how to apply her needle-like questions and reflections to help me unlock deeper and more authentic self-awareness and light the path forward. I couldn’t be happier with the result of our work together.”

– Kate, Founder, Contagious Vulnerability

“The program has developed my sense of self and identity, shedding light and providing clarity on my values and priorities, providing me with bespoke tools which enable navigation when I am lost. Emotionally I feel less alone and isolated in my quandaries. It is good to know others in similar situations, battling with familiar issues and questioning things it sometimes appears nobody else sees. I felt supported and understood not only by Jen, but by the other members of the group, an outcome I treasure.” – Davina, Agent Provocateur