Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a guided journey of self-discovery for women who have lost themselves, whether through trauma, shame, or simply trying too hard to fit in. Over the years we can lose the ability to hear our own inner wisdom to know what’s really right for us, which can lead to a wide range of side effects including:

  • feeling like we’re living someone else’s life
  • prioritizing other people’s opinions over our own
  • looking to others for validation
  • isolation and loneliness
  • fear of abandonment, which comes from abandoning ourselves
  • feeling overwhelmed due to lack of clear inner direction
  • judgment of ourselves and others

Creating a more self-assured, joy-filled life requires dusting off and calibrating the inner compass that we’re all born with. Which means: clearing space, removing blocks, mastering our intuition and emotions, and taking radical loving ownership of who we really are.

This program evolved through trial and error over the past 20 years of my own journey. I’m a transformation expert, personally and professionally, and my passion is to share what I’ve learned with women like you. Here’s my story:

 “In short order, Jennifer was able to walk me through a door I never knew existed. The process she uses is hardly difficult, but I certainly didn’t expect the seismic shifts in my thinking, my body or heart. It turns out, my emotional vocabulary was non-existent. I had no words for the simplest of emotions. I lived anxious, but had no idea that wasn’t a natural state for anybody. I discovered that I had disconnected my head from my heart — and from the simplest joys of my youth. I’m still working through the program, but I can authentically say, my confidence is growing. My health is improving. And I can hear my own voice without the clutter of shame, shoulds, and habitual negative self-talk. I feel hopeful and curious about where this journey of self-discovery will lead, but feel far less worried about the destination — and more at ease just living my life with more peace, intention and yesses. It’s comforting and empowering to see and experience the light …”  – Krystal F., USA  

Program Details

The core program consists of the 3Cs — Content, Community and Coaching — in a fully inclusive and positive environment. It’s membership-based, which means you can go at your own pace and cancel anytime. A low monthly fee includes the following:

  • Content includes videos, exercises and guided meditations. You move at your own pace: some lessons, like Creating Your Emotional Language, may require weeks or even months depending on how connected you are to your inner world.
  • Community: We use Slack, which allows us to run dedicated conversations by group or topic. That means that you’ll belong to a group of women dealing with the same challenges you’re facing.
  • Coaching In Community: To make coaching accessible for all, this program allows everyone to “listen in” on questions presented by other members, anonymously or not. Weekly Coaching In Community group calls teach inner-compass skills that all members can apply to their own lives and ensure everyone’s learning journeys stay on track. I’m not here to solve your problems; I’m here to empower you with the skills to solve problems for yourself; these are the types of questions that can be addressed in a group setting.

Optional 1:1 Coaching: For accelerated progress or to address very individual situations, get access to 1:1 time with me. This can be on an as-needed basis, or at regularly scheduled times within a higher price-tier subscription.

The value of this program lies not just in the exercises, which are great, but in Jen’s ability to quickly assess where I’m at and ask questions that shift how I’m thinking about things. It’s clear to me that Jennifer’s journey has intimately informed her process.”

Outcomes to expect

Clarity of Self

Who am I?

Learn to hear and use your inner wisdom

Gain mastery over your emotions

Remove clutter and inner blocks

Experience more self-acceptance and joy in your life

Clarity of Vision

Why am I here?

Uncover your purpose

Create a Life Compass

Define priorities

Set healthy boundaries

Clarity of Action

How do I make progress?

Decrease feelings of overwhelm

Expand your zone of possibility

Learn how to deal with resistance


Get on the wait list

We’ll notify you when we launch and provide detailed pricing options and schedules. Pricing depends on number of signups, but expect an affordable monthly rate. Our first 20 participants will be our beta testers for the platform, providing feedback in exchange for discounted pricing and more personal attention.

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