Rebel Founder

Clarity. Freedom. Impact.

You’re a rebel with a cause, always seeing what no one else can. 

You don’t stay in your lane, dazzled by all the possibilities in your field of vision.

The corporate world is stifling and entrepreneurship is calling… but where to start? 

You’ve been told that you’re too smart for your own good… and yeah, sometimes that’s true. You have ideas that could change the world, if you could just get out of your own way. 

The brain that powers your creativity and vision didn’t come with an owner’s manual, and sometimes leads you astray. 

You’ve read all the books and tried all the techniques to gain clarity and focus, but it seems like they were designed for someone else. 

Thankfully you don’t have to figure it out on your own.  

I’ve built the system and tools to support disruptors who think different. 

“I started working with Jen to get clear on what direction I should take to launch my current company after selling my first one. I was feeling motivated but overwhelmed. The Touchstone process gave me so much clarity and focus. I’m more certain about my pathway and excited about my brand and the possibilities. I’ll soon be able to point people to a site that represents how I authentically think, act and move in the world. Having Jen as a coach means I have a knowledgeable ally with 30 years of experience in helping build lucrative businesses. And how she works is just magic!”

Beth, CEO, The Henson Group

Direction, Not Destination

Starting, sustaining, and growing your own business is both alluring and challenging for disruptive, fast-thinking Rebels who represent a tiny percentage of the overall population. 

  • We don’t fit into a prescribed box… which makes proactive, intentional creation of our lives and work so essential and gratifying. 
  • Our brains are wired to take in more information than the average human, which means we see far more potential options. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities in our field of vision. 
  • The patterns we see are hard to break down into doable bite-size chunks, and can be challenging to explain to others. 
  • We’re impatient, curious and easily bored. Great for our own learning and growth, not so great for building a business or leading others towards a goal. 
  • We’re fast learners; we think we can do everything, all at once! It’s hard to maintain boundaries or justify outsourcing. 

Bottom line, the typical linear goal-setting processes simply don’t work for us. I get it; I tried for years, and finally created my own tools through my own personal transformation journey. 

So what does work?

Create a Touchstone that provides clear direction on where to aim and where to say no. The perfect marriage between focus and agility, we learn to navigate like a bat, unerringly sensing the signal in the noise. 

It requires dropping from our heads into our bodies, nurturing somatic and emotional intelligence, tapping into what truly motivates human behavior.

Program Overview

The Rebel Founders program is designed to help you bridge the gap between collecting a paycheck and profitably running your own show. It’s a 6-month journey that establishes a strategic business foundation on the bedrock of your identity, passions and vision. From there you’ll tap into flow, attracting (not chasing) your best-fit customers, partners and team members. What you build will be authentic through and through.

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Clarity of self and vision
1:1 weekly 1-hour sessions
Unlimited online support
4 – 8 weeks
A Touchstone that will provide direction for years

Greater self-knowledge and trust

A more confident, felt sense of presence

Clear and consistent decision-making 

Reduction of overwhelm, with clear boundaries and focus


Clarity of customer and business
1:1 weekly 1-hour sessions
Unlimited online support
6 – 8 weeks
Clarity of team, and best-fit customer – ensuring emotional resonance 

Clarity of mission, offerings, innovative business/ operating model and high-level brand strategy

(For B2B) Pitching and selling to business and enterprise  

Thought leadership 

Act, test and learn


Clarity of action and growth
One 90-min or two 45-min 1:1 sessions per month
Two group coaching sessions per month
Unlimited online support
Remaining weeks within the 6-month time period
Measurable progress on goals 

Focus on attraction- and value-based selling: thought leadership, value-based pricing, pitching, etc. 

Ongoing support on common founder challenges like revenue, priorities and boundaries, life/work balance, building for scale, and more. 

Option for ongoing advisory subscription after completion of the program.

Guarantee: If you’re putting in the work, you’ll continue to have access to Flow group coaching until you bring in your first client.

Rebel Founder Tools


The Touchstone

How do we decide what direction to move? We need a reliable measure by which we can align our transition and entrepreneurship journey to our core values; a tangible criterion that reliably points towards what doesn’t change: the essence of who we are and what’s motivated our decisions over time.

Those with very high levels of self-clarity may only spend a couple of weeks codifying their Touchstone; others may spend months. We’ll identify your Motivational DNA and core Archetypes to create your Touchstone before moving into action. 

“I discovered the very core of my authenticity and am now firmly rooted in my values.  I now embrace who I am, and how I think and learn. I have a new bearing for my life path, and am learning how to better leverage resources.  It’s the journey of a lifetime. This program has been life-changing beyond my expectations! Jen’s ability to probe beneath the surface is masterful. I have learned more about myself than I thought was possible.”

Val – Director of Clinical Ops


Start with WHO

Every thriving brand is anchored on a deep understanding of their best-fit customer. We’ll start with who you are (using the Touchstone), and then find the customer segment with problems you were born to solve. You’ll share Motivational DNA (for example, I’m a Rebel serving other Rebels.) Your deep understanding of who they are will attract them… no need to hunt, chase or persuade.

Brand Platform

A brand is a promise delivered: a promise made by marketing and delivered by your experience. More than anything, a strong brand is authentic. You’re a rebel with a cause, which means you already have a unique perspective on the world. We’ll refine and clarify that vision and translate it into your online presence and key messages.

Customer-Centric Business Model Canvas

If you’ve heard of the Business Model Canvas, you know it’s a simplified way to think through your business plan and get it onto 1 page. However, I’m not a big fan of the original version, which starts with a product in search of a buyer. Instead, we start with your clearly defined customer and work backward into what it means for your business. This is called outcome-led planning. 

For more check out my article on the Four guidelines for a powerful company vision

“The Archetype approach helped us clarify our understanding of our most important customers and tighten our product thinking to target the highest value opportunities. It’s very useful to gain alignment.”

VP Product Development at Descartes Labs


Design for scale

As a company grows, the main pitfall is fragmentation and silos. The dot-connecting Rebel Founder can take advantage of what every disruptive company knows to do – think and work laterally and holistically, not vertically.  The Value Platform is a human-centric model for disruption, pressure-tested against the most successful companies in the world.

Learn more on How future-ready organizations drive massively efficient growth

Hi, I’m Jen!

I’ll be your coach, mentor and thinking partner on this adventure with you. 

I’m a rebellious unicorn who coaches other rare species of humans. An obsessive dot connector, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a business topic I haven’t studied and integrated into holistic models for creating impact at scale.

I bring a diverse background in customer centricity, human motivation, organizational transformation, sustainability, platforms, and large-scale systems change for wickedly entrenched problems.

Most recently I served the B2B Sector Lead and CX Principal in Forrester’s consulting group. Throughout a 30-year strategy career I’ve served clients like Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, HP, Environmental Defense Fund, Principal Financial, California Franchise Tax Board, and others:

  • conducting countless research studies into human motivation
  • advising on customer-centric, organic growth strategies
  • Aligning leadership teams and rallying employees around shared visions 
  • Solution-selling 6- and 7-figure projects to B2B clients 
  • designing platform-based operating & business models for more efficiency and impact
  • Integrating environmental and social sustainability to brand and business outcomes

Perhaps more importantly, I’m a mid-life global citizen who is finally being true to myself. For decades I conformed to the expectations of others; I shut down everything except for an overactive brain, because that’s what I was rewarded for. My soul felt sucked dry.

In February of 2019, I quit my 30-year strategy consulting career, sold everything in the US and flew to Europe on a 1-way ticket. At the time, I simply thought I wanted to live overseas. I now know that this was the dark cocoon into which I’d crawl and, in solitude across 14 countries, become… myself.

I’m now a global citizen living in Dahab, Egypt (+2 GMT), working and living on my own terms. I’m deeply in tune with my own inner wisdom, which keeps me centered, present and clear. It’s this skill that I’m most excited to teach others.

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Hear what other Rebel Founders have to say…

“In short order, Jennifer provided the additional structure and guidance needed to further refine my business purpose and core values. The way she approaches this process is thought-provoking yet simple to understand, and provides clear value to those looking to develop their brand or overall business.”

Nicole – CEO SimplyHudson

“The sessions with Jen have been magical and unforgettably rewarding. Her style is all about the right kind of progress at the right time, not just progress for progress’ sake. She’s demonstrating the exact kind of coaching style I need, gentle nudging and course correction to inspire momentum.

My Touchstone is developing into something really tangible, a reflection of where I want to steer my ship, and also has given me a deeper vocabulary about what I need and feel. If I feel any sort of doubt, I can look at my compass and ask myself some orienting questions to get myself on track. How cool is that?!”

Russ – Design Director, San Francisco

“I’ll be honest, I was coach-skeptical—even coach-averse—until I had the good fortune to meet Jen Rice. As I got to know her, I noticed that she was coaching me during our conversations, and the way she was doing it was powerful, unlike anything I’d previously experienced. I felt seen on a level that impressed me. 

What impressed me more was how she used her keen powers of observation to challenge me in ways that were sometimes uncomfortable but always impactful, helpful, and appreciated. Jen is like an intuitive acupuncturist for the psyche, knowing just where and how to apply her needle-like questions and reflections to help me unlock deeper and more authentic self-awareness and light the path forward.  Once I realized this, I hired her to help me take my practice of Contagious Vulnerability from a state of ideation and curious exploration to one of manifestation and monetization. I could not be happier with the results of our work together! 

She’s been through her own dark night of the soul so she knows the territory and is able to hold all that comes up along your journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. She’s creative and has a rich toolkit of frameworks she’s designed to help you explore your inner landscape to find out what’s alive for you and what wants to emerge. She uses her strategic mind to help you make sense of all that’s uncovered, seeing patterns and helping you see the forest when you’re stuck in the weeds. She’s also versed in somatic and mindfulness practices which enrich the self-discovery journey by bringing in the wisdom of the body. 

If you’re looking to birth a more authentic version of yourself or need help navigating transitions, you could not ask for a better partner and guide than Jen.”

Kate, Founder of Contagious Vulnerability, San Francisco

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