Real Work

What’s “real” work?

Initially I’d planned to create totally separate websites for personal and business offerings… because that’s what we do, right? Separate our personal and work lives into neat boxes, compartmentalizing, not bringing our whole self into our work. I’d like to change that.

After a 30-year career in customer-driven growth strategy and far too much compartmentalizing and left-brain analyzing, I burned out. So I took a 2-year sabbatical, traveled around 16 countries, and finally dropped into what truly brings me joy. Now I’m gently re-entering the fray from my heart and not my head.

Today, I’m interested in supporting women — whether entrepreneurs or mid-level to senior execs — in bringing humanity back into the workplace. That means…

Getting real! We’re humans, not robots, complete with intuition, emotions, desires and vulnerabilities. Too often, women (and men) believe these attributes must be hidden in the workplace so we can be “taken seriously.” But these gifts are our strengths, and make work worth doing. How can we bring our whole selves to work and encourage others to do the same?

Real and meaningful work is more than checking off to-do’s and creating a salary. Real work satisfies the soul. Sometimes we can create meaning by simply approaching our job with fresh eyes, or we can look for more opportunities with wider impact. How can we elevate our vision to start thinking both/and instead of either/or?


If this idea resonates, I’d love to have a conversation; we can tailor coaching, speaking or team training to meet your needs.

What lights me up is 1:1 coaching to:

  • help you drop deeper into your ground of power — your individual purpose and passions — to make work feel less like work, improve communication and presentation, set healthy boundaries, and guide decisions.
  • innovate from that place of power to define your ideal career or new business venture.
  • continue to hold the space as you move through your life and work.

However, I feel that there are other opportunities that we could co-create together, such as:

  • Creating cultures that celebrate our humanity, balancing intuition with analytics, purpose with revenue, vulnerability with growth.
  • Aligning leadership motivations with customer motivations at the level of vision, goals and strategies. What drives behavior is how we want to feel… not logic. I’ve adapted tools from my former life that can aid this work.

“Jennifer is a very skillful facilitator and was able to keep our leadership team out of the weeds and on task.”

California Tax Board

“Jen is positive, energetic and a talented storyteller who knows how to get people committed to a cause.”


“Jen’s Archetype approach is very useful to gain alignment.”

Descartes Labs

Let’s create real work together.

Click the button below to access my calendar and book a call. I’m GMT+4 time zone, so if you don’t see a convenient time, simply email me directly. Contact information is in the link. I look forward to connecting.