Let's get started!

I’m so delighted to welcome you to the program! If you’re willing to put in a little time every day, you can expect big positive changes in your life. As a founding “first 100” member, your participation and feedback is invaluable in order to make this program as impactful as possible.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Have or Buy

  • A journal that makes you happy. Maybe it’s your favorite color, the cover feels soft to the touch, or the paper is thick and luscious… engage all your senses when you choose your journal. If it makes you smile, you’re on the right track.
  • A pen you love writing with; it should flow easily across the paper.
  • Highlighters. They’ll come in handy when you review your entries and look for repeated patterns. Alternatively you could use different colored pencils or markers… whatever floats your boat.


You’ll want to join our private Facebook group for questions, discussions and accountability. Facebook isn’t our long-term solution, but it’s handy as a start-up to get the conversation started.

After you click “request to join,” you’ll see a question asking you for the three things to buy or have as part of this program: just answer “journal, pen and highlighters.” Easy!

Not a joiner? That’s ok… lurking is fine! Knowing we’re not alone in this journey is a powerful motivator. It’s a place to get inspiration when you’re stuck, a place to ask questions, or create some good karma by encouraging someone else with your own life experience.

Know what to expect

  • Clicking the “I’m Ready” link below will tell the system to send your first email prompt right away.
  • If you open Day 1, you’ll automatically receive Day 2 the next day. If you don’t open Day 2, the system stops sending new emails. We don’t want to clog up your inbox with emails you’re not ready for!
  • When you’re ready to restart, just open the latest email in your inbox. You’re in control of your pace.
  • If you go too long without opening your emails, we’ll check on you! In the reminder email, you’ll see the “I’m ready” link to restart the program.


If you’re new to Where I Find Myself, check out the following post to understand the philosophy behind the program and how to stick with it. We’ll be circling through all these topics as we move through the program.

Why New Year’s goals and resolutions don’t stick (and what to do instead)

Are you ready?

Have you already purchased your journal, pen and highlighters? If so, click the link below and let’s get this party started.