Intentional Rebels — Find your Me within the We

Misfits, rebels, chameleons and unicorns, unite!

You’ve spent years or decades trying to fit into a box created by others. Spun your wheels in soul-sucking corporate jobs and relationships that don’t fit. You’re yearning for…

The freedom to be unapologetically yourself in a world that doesn’t always reward it.

The assurance to design your life and career instead of letting it design you.

The leadership presence that emerges from being grounded in your truth.

An enduring, reliable way of navigating uncertain futures with clarity and confidence.

Feeling seen for who you really are… and once seen, accepted.

These are just a few of the outcomes reported by our first cohort of the Intentional Rebels program — a group of intuitive, fast-thinking, rule-busting professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs who are dazzled by too many possibilities. It’s now been redesigned to invite more Rebels into the fold without losing the sense of intimacy and belonging.

Doors for the next cohort close May 12! Read through and apply by May 10.

“It is impossible to overstate the transformation that has accompanied this program and the work I have done with it and adjacent to it. Not only do I feel like my life has direction, I feel like I have connected to the flow that was always there.” – Beth

Program Overview

The Intentional Rebels transformation program is designed to help Rebels step into your fullest expression of you.

Much more than an online course, this 3-month membership delivers transformational clarity through:

  • Self-paced videos and worksheets to create your own Inner Compass at your own speed
  • Live “compass weaving” group coaching calls with me to help you integrate the different sides of yourself
  • Small peer groups for support, connection and peer coaching
  • Creative Archetype Naming sessions to fully express your individuality
  • Office Hours calls to bring your open questions

Authenticity (Me)

The core of the program is the Inner Compass, a way of aligning on who you are and where you aim to go. And this process is one of integration… becoming whole, complete and true.

The elements of your Compass include:

  • your “motivational DNA” — the needs and emotions that have always guided you, consciously or not.
  • Archetypes: different facets of your true identity, making room for those who want more of a voice.
  • Your vision for the world and your mission in bringing it to life.

Lastly, we work on “loving our limits” –embracing those quirks that make us who we are, using them as essential design constraints. They’re features, not bugs!

“I felt adrift and I wanted to rediscover who I was, what lit me up and suggestions for my next role. I now have a great idea of who I can become again and what lights me up. I am now happier to be unapologetically me and I am more confident at work.

“The program has developed my sense of self and identity, shedding light and providing clarity on my values and priorities, providing me with bespoke tools which enable navigation when I am lost.

I recommended Intentional Rebels to good friends even before enjoying the experience and benefitting and would now do so even more confidently. It is not something I would recommend to everyone, however, I feel it is right for folk who thrive on patterns and connections and are ready to be guided by their inner self.

Belonging (We)

Throughout your life you may have felt like an outlier…. but in this tribe, you’ll feel seen and valued for exactly who you are. You’ll have access to a wider online community for networking and discussing shared interests, and also belong to an intimate group for peer coaching and support.

Our Curator of Belonging and Magic, Davina Burgess, is busy designing a group environment that nurtures and supports each Rebel in their journey of becoming. Beta testers get to play and co-design with us!

Emotionally I feel less alone and isolated in my quandaries. It is good to know others in similar situations, battling with familiar issues and questioning things it sometimes appears nobody else sees.

“Having a group of truly like-minded individuals feels like a kind of home. It’s a non-judgmental forum that is created with the sole purpose of supporting you and you’re supporting them. When you’re the focus there’s learning amongst the whole group and vice versa. Many of my “aha” moments happened during a discussion of another’s question or coursework. I feel more focused, empowered, and emotionally stronger in that I can work through them, acknowledge them and come back to a place of calm and focus faster and better.”

“The surprising benefit for me was the group dynamic and finding my tribe. I didn’t even realise I felt alone with some of the things I was doing and how I processed things. It was such a relief to find out I wasn’t alone.”

What we cover

Within the supportive group environment, you’ll be guided through the Inner Compass process to design a more authentic, impactful next chapter of life and work. 

Clarity of Self

Learn to hear and trust your inner wisdom

Define your “Motivational DNA:” The Needs and Emotions that drive your decisions

Identify your core Archetypes, personifying different sides of yourself who want a say in your next chapter. 

Clarity of Vision

Create your Life Compass using a short list of your Needs, Emotions and Archetypes 

Craft your life/work vision statement 

Define your boundaries: What’s in or out? 

Take your NOs off the table

Clarity of Action

Brainstorm and prioritize opportunities 

Experiment! Have conversations, learn, play 

Improve ability to set boundaries and take NOs off the table

Pursue, negotiate or create your YES 

Coaching & Community Support

Fun with Archetypes! Davina will be hosting creative Archetype naming sessions to fully reflect your individuality.

Jen will be running regular “compass-weaving” live sessions to support this work. You’ll also tap a growing database of other Rebel’s compasses to spark ideas.

Your small peer coaching groups provide structure and support as you begin to play outside your former limits and self-imposed constraints.

“I felt seen and understood, my journey and struggles felt important, and my chaos was calmed. It was reassuring and encouraged hope to be supported and nurtured by Jen, as she had been through similar trials and tribulations. As an inspiring role model, she is not only a vibrant example of how things can come together, but also someone keenly aware of the nature of the barriers and concerns faced along the way.

Apply now to be invited to our launch parties!

We’ll be opening the doors in tandem with each new moon… the first being May 11. The initial group of beta testers will get special pricing of $899 for the full 3-month program. If you find within the first month that the program isn’t a fit for you, you’ll get a full refund.

Here’s the process: just enter your contact information below, and you’ll receive an invitation to apply to the program. Why apply? Well, we’d rather not have people who are too normal; they’re a bit of a buzz-kill. We love original minds, and we want to be sure you feel like you belong here.

If we think you’re a fit, you’ll receive an invitation to our Dot Connector events on May 4th and 7th where you can meet other prospective members. No obligation, just meet and greet others just like you.

Hope to see you there!