Ground yourself

Groundbreaking Leadership is an experiential group program that provides a safe space to practice authentic communication skills… moving through discomfort into the freedom on the other side. We use improv techniques to experiment with different versions of yourself to boost your confidence in high-stakes or difficult conversations.

  • Practice with discomfort in a safe, small-group environment with peers. 
  • Role-play difficult situations from your workplace to find new groundbreaking solutions. 
  • Develop active listening by hearing with your whole body.

I’m co-facilitating this program with Johnnie Moore. Click the link below to visit the Groundbreaking site for details.


Free Demo calls

Join us for a free, experiential preview of our Groundbreaking Leadership coaching and practice space. We believe that the future of work is more human and authentic, which means getting out of our overactive Analyzing minds and into our bodies.

In these demo calls, we’ll practice dropping from our heads into our somatic, body-based wisdom and practicing speaking from this space using a technique we call Groundhog Day.

If you’d like to volunteer to be in the hot seat, bring a recent difficult conversation scenario that you wish you could do over! It’s a cathartic opportunity to explore, learn and grow.

“This has been so much more than I thought it would be… so helpful and invigorating!” – Eric S.

Group coaching

We are currently taking applications for our 6-week beta program, which will kick off in August, 2020. This small-group program includes:

  • One 1:1 private coaching session 
  • One introductory group session
  • Small Group Practice Space: Four 90-min sessions (max 6 – 8 participants)
  • Open Office Hours: 4 optional calls for Q&A and role play

We have a limited number of spaces. Early birds get the benefit of starting right away and getting extra value!