Get unstuck

Stop spinning your wheels.

Address causes of burnout work smarter, gain better work/life balance, and stretch into your zone of possibility. We’ll spend 3 hours spread over 1 – 2 weeks to help you gain clarity, remove barriers to success and fully own your value. We’ll focus on one or several of these based on your specific challenge:

  • Find the entry point into a complex problem
  • Draft your measurable, impactful strategy
  • Tap your inner wisdom to circumvent an overactive yet stuck brain
  • Identify what and how to offload based on your “value equation”
  • Map out a plan of action
  • Accountability

How it works:

  • Initial 45-minute intake session to identify the real problem to be solved
  • Curated homework (3 – 4 days)
  • 1.5 to 2 hour strategy session
  • Refine your thinking and take action
  • Final 30- to 45-minute session to review and refine your plan moving forward.


Guarantee: If you do the work and find that you are not achieving higher levels of clarity, enthusiasm and forward momentum, I’ll add 2 extra sessions or refund your money.

Want to be sure this is right for you? Book a free call. We can tailor this time to fit exactly what you need to work on.

Provides clear value.

“In short order, Jennifer provided the additional structure and guidance needed to further refine my business purpose and core values. The way she approaches this process is thought-provoking yet simple to understand, and provides clear value to those looking to develop their brand or overall business.”

Nicole, Process Design Strategist & Entrepreneur

 Working with Jen made an immediate impact. 

“When I met Jen, I was working constantly – Monday through Sunday, often 10-15 hours per day. I was obsessed with growing my business, and had let my personal life (health and wellness, personal hobbies, personal relationships) completely fall to the side.

And this wasn’t the first time I had allowed this to happen. Last year – same thing – and while I was on the right track for a little while, I ended up reverting to my workaholic ways only 6 months later.

I have worked with my fair share of coaches and consultants, but working with Jen was unique. Working with Jen made an immediate impact in my work/life balance. After a 3-hour session, I was able to:

  • cut 20 hours from each week
  • stop working on the weekends (and stop feeling like I HAD to work on the weekends to be successful)
  • start stepping into a creative director role within my own business (something I had been trying to do for a while, but unable to jump into fully)
  • have a difficult, but ultimately successful, conversation with my business partner about dividing up responsibilities more evenly
  • clearly identify potential projects that are not a good fit, feel extremely confident about saying no, and generally say NO to the things that don’t light me up
  • last but not least, gained clarity on a new business model that’s a better fit for my aspirations.

Thank you, Jen!” – Lauren D., Co-Founder, Branding Agency

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