Has the “coronavirus pause” sparked a desire to change your life or career? If so, this 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you gain clarity, generate fresh thinking, and begin moving forward in a “test and learn” fashion to create your next chapter. Over the course of 10 – 12 weeks, you’ll….

  • Reconnect with your “life narrative” by tapping into your Sensing Mind.
  • Gain clarity on your “motivational DNA” – how you’re wired
  • Create a Life Compass: a visualization of your future based on how you want to feel
  • Generate creative options that emerge from your zone of truth
  • Take action and iterate on your vision
  • Develop confidence in your path forward

We’ll draw from my professional experience in human behavior, innovation and business strategy, plus my own personal transformation, to help you break through into the next chapter of your YES-filled life.

“I’ve been spinning my wheels for some time, feeling like my life is about to change direction but not being able to figure out how, when, or in what way. Working with Jen and her very practical mind-body-soul tools is helping me get a better sense of what I want my next chapter to look like… I’m really digging the new tool, as it’s almost like it’s taken my brain out of part of the equation. It’s also just fun!”

Sarah V.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Access your inner wisdom and reconnect with your life narrative: those moments that brought you joy.
Get clear on your YES and NO; here we’ll take options off the table.
Identify your top 3 – 4 Needs and Emotions that will serve as the “container” for the Intent + Improv process
Choose your Archetypes and allow these sides of yourself to generate insights
Create a draft vision that feels like a giant YES
Identify near-term actions to start testing your ideas.
ACTION. Set up calls, conduct desk research, create a beta; anything to validate your path
Refine your vision and map out a plan to get there

The program

  • Ten 1-hour private coaching sessions (recorded) spread over 10 – 12 weeks
  • Unlimited access via email and text (within reason)
  • Self-clarity tools: Needs, Emotions, Archetypes, Values
  • Vision “bulls-eye” and action plan framework
  • Accountability for action

The investment

$2,800, 50% payable up front, with remainder due in 6 weeks.

Guarantee: If you do the work and find that you are not achieving higher levels of clarity, enthusiasm and forward momentum, I’ll add extra sessions or refund your money.