Wired to be rebels

For gifted adults and the managers who coach them. One of the first questions I can remember asking myself as a young child was, “why am I the way I am?” It’s a question I never stopped asking myself, because this nagging feeling of I don’t fit in here chased me through all my moves … Continue reading Wired to be rebels

Coming out of the neurodiversity closet

Celebrating the unsung superpowers of the neurodiverse brain, and why the gender-biased, one-dimensional view of neurodiversity is holding back innovation. I fumbled my way through life and work for over 40 years before I was informed by my then-girlfriend (a brilliant MD/PhD in biotech) that she was on the autism spectrum… then she gently added, … Continue reading Coming out of the neurodiversity closet

Authenticity, transparency and vulnerability: What’s the difference?

I’m having a hard time writing about this topic. must admit, the last presidential debate was pretty horrifying. We all watched the leader of the US of A, ranting and interrupting and bullying in a tragic example of authenticity. According to Vanity Fair, “Trump doesn’t accept the consensus that the debate was a disaster because, … Continue reading Authenticity, transparency and vulnerability: What’s the difference?

I wish I hadn’t said that.

Do you get that perfectionist voice in your head too? The one that delights in pointing out you didn’t get something right, or that you should have done it differently?

Are you in flow, or on a hamster wheel?

This week’s topic is on creating both stability and flow to better roll with the changes.  Change… gawd, it’s so commonplace now that it’s almost boring to talk about. Layoffs, working from home, COVID lockdowns…  I’m sure that’s why this HBR article on being forever employable in this era of rapid change is striking a chord for a lot of people. Two … Continue reading Are you in flow, or on a hamster wheel?

What do you love?

If you haven’t seen Ethan Hawke’s video on TED’s YouTube channel, you’re missing out. It’s called Give Yourself Permission to Be Creative, but it’s really about giving yourself permission to be yourself.   My favorite quote: “What do you love?… if you get close to what you love, who you are is revealed to you.”  Amen.  Too often, we try to … Continue reading What do you love?

When failure is the best possible option

“If I’m lucky, I’ll fail.” I overheard this eyebrow-raising thought while making breakfast in my rooftop nest in Tel Aviv last summer. I considered myself lucky to hear it: usually our subconscious minds hide these heresies with Cloaks of Invisibility. But I caught mine unawares this particular morning; either that, or my subconscious finally grew … Continue reading When failure is the best possible option

VIDEO: The back story for Intent+Improv

I’m on my soapbox! If you’re interested in personal transformation, I talk about the transitions… how we can bring a key innovation process from the business world into our personal growth. If you’d like to jump to the most relevant spot::42: overview of divergence and convergence2:14: overview of Kegan’s evolution of the self5:19: mash-up of … Continue reading VIDEO: The back story for Intent+Improv


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