The Inner compass

Easy and successful forward motion (flowing, not striving) starts with self-knowledge.

Perhaps you’re ready for something new… or perhaps you’re simply feeling stuck, caught in analysis paralysis.

Rebels and outliers often find that traditional goal-setting — picking a target and building a linear plan to get there — simply doesn’t work for our fluid, intuitive minds. We can often be dazzled by too many possibilities, and prefer a more emergent approach. But without guardrails, we can easily veer off into territory that isn’t ours to roam.

Enter the Inner Compass: a new and more effective way of making forward progress based on decades of research into human motivation. It allows us to define the most authentic direction and flow forward, iterating and experimenting along the way.

How do we choose our North? It’s a felt sense based on your Motivational DNA: who you are and how you’re wired to make decisions. We’ll draw from the following tools, along with intuition training, to create a literal, codified compass that guides your decisions and helps to take options off the table.

  • Motivational DNA: The 12 Core Needs that drive behavior, based on 30 years of research into why we do what we do. We’ll identify the three or four that have motivated your actions over the years.
  • Emotions and Values that map to each of the 12 Core Needs: what we move towards, and how we know our needs are met.
  • 33 Archetypes. Your top 4 Archetypes represent the sides of you that want a say in designing your life and work. They can also be repurposed as customer personas for entrepreneurs/founders.
  • The Whole Mind model and assessment, which helps you understand your strengths and gaps in how you process information and make decisions.

Two options

1:1 coaching: We’ll work together to create and iterate on your Inner Compass, then translate it into very practical implications for your life and work. If your goal is to blaze your own entrepreneurial trail, we’ll also use your compass to define your ideal company AND your best-fit customer type. (In other words, we start with WHO, not why.) We can also leverage my customer-centric background to design your strategic plan. See the Acceleration page for more.

Group coaching. I’ve recently translated my 1:1 transition and clarity process into group coaching program called Intentional Rebels. Participants are part of a like-minded tribe who see, value and support each other as we navigate to our best next chapter. You can visit this page for more information and to get on the wait list.


“Jen was able to provide a very different perspective to the difficulties I was having in seeing myself and the potential opportunities I had. She helped guide me to selecting and obtaining a new job and supporting me through the whole process and beyond. If you want someone who takes a less usual path to get results, I would strongly recommend Jen.”

Fiona, Chief Strategy Officer

 “Jen is like an intuitive acupuncturist for the psyche, knowing just where and how to apply her needle-like questions and reflections to help me unlock deeper and more authentic self-awareness and light the path forward. I couldn’t be happier with the result of our work together.”

Kate, Founder, Contagious Vulnerability

“Within weeks, Jennifer was able to walk me through a door I never knew existed. The process she uses is hardly difficult, but I certainly didn’t expect the seismic shifts in my thinking, my body or heart. I can authentically say, my confidence is growing. My health is improving. My attitude at work has transformed. And I can hear my own voice without the clutter of shame, should’s, and habitual negative self-talk.”

Krystal, co-founder and award-winning creative director

“Working with Jen was a great opportunity to understand some of my behaviors and patterns that I’ve had for years.”

Aurella, Investment Banker

“I’ve been spinning my wheels for some time, feeling like my life is about to change direction but not being able to figure out how, when, or in what way. Working with Jen and her very practical mind-body-soul tools is helping me get a better sense of what I want my next chapter to look like… I’m really digging the new tool, as it’s almost like it’s taken my brain out of part of the equation. It’s also just fun!”

– Sarah V., digital nomad