Finding your growth edge

In my last article, I talked about the pitfalls of the growth-mindset trend. Like “growth at all costs” capitalism, everyone seems to be fixated on growth itself with no real consideration of what kind of growth and why. We need to find the right balance between fixed mindset (stuck in our ways) versus promiscuous growth […]

What’s wrong with a growth mindset?

I bet you have a growth mindset, dear reader. Rebels usually do; we love to learn and challenge the status quo. Growth often shows up in our top handful of core needs.  But this whole idea of a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset, has set up a false binary.  All of my […]

How an inner compass helps Rebels focus without getting bored

You probably know that focus helps minimize overwhelm and make progress…. building steadily towards a new future. But for rebels who are wired to see infinite possibilities, focus often means boredom. Not only are you unsure you can focus, you’re not sure if you want it! I created the below video a few months back […]

wish on a star

What do you really, really want?

I used to think that magical things happened for other people, but not for me. That it was all rather pointless to have wishes and dreams because they weren’t going to happen, so why get my hopes up?  And of course I was right… to a point.  Magical things don’t happen for people who are […]

It's time to connect the dots

Want to connect the dots with us?

As a Rebel, you’re a skilled dot connector…. but sometimes you feel like the odd-dot out, not woven into the fabric of mainstream life and work. Maybe you’ve adapted to fit the pattern instead of designing a pattern to fit you.  The core principles of the Intentional Rebels transformation program are Authenticity & Belonging: finding your true […]

Intentional Rebels Peek Behind The Curtain

Get A Peek Behind The Curtain

Creating something brand new is messy. We rarely get it right the first time, and that’s ok! Let’s replace pesky perfectionism with play.  As Edison famously once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.“ Since we’re usually only permitted to see final results, I’d like to give you a peek behind the […]

Intentional Rebels

The Birthplace of Magic

As you may know from last week’s post, my brain tripped a fuse and I went into shut-down mode. At the time, I thought it was overwhelm… and it was, to a point. But the real issue was that my center had drifted back up to my head. And when I operate from my head, […]

Oh hello, overwhelm.

I found myself laying on my sofa this morning after breakfast, practicing deep, slow breathing to activate the relaxation center of my brain. Feeling the tears that come with the anxiety of hitting a wall, and holding space for all of it.  I have missed my regular newsletters the past 2 weeks.  I owe many of you an update […]

How to gain clarity in life and work

Someone recently asked me how I help people gain clarity on what they really want, especially if they tend to be dazzled by too many possibilities (multi-potentialites and ADHD peeps, I see you!) It took me a few decades to realize that the answers can’t be found in my overactive brain. Instead, they reside in […]

How to be a thought leader

I’m pleased to be in Authority Magazine this week talking about the “5 Things You Need to Know To Be a Thought Leader” in your industry. In this rambling interview, I cover: My backstory What a thought leader is, and how it differs from an influencer Right and wrong reasons to become a thought leader […]


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