The Birthplace of Magic

As you may know from last week’s post, my brain tripped a fuse and I went into shut-down mode. At the time, I thought it was overwhelm… and it was, to a point. But the real issue was that my center had drifted back up to my head. And when I operate from my head, […]

Oh hello, overwhelm.

I found myself laying on my sofa this morning after breakfast, practicing deep, slow breathing to activate the relaxation center of my brain. Feeling the tears that come with the anxiety of hitting a wall, and holding space for all of it.  I have missed my regular newsletters the past 2 weeks.  I owe many of you an update […]

How to gain clarity in life and work

Someone recently asked me how I help people gain clarity on what they really want, especially if they tend to be dazzled by too many possibilities (multi-potentialites and ADHD peeps, I see you!) It took me a few decades to realize that the answers can’t be found in my overactive brain. Instead, they reside in […]

How to be a thought leader

I’m pleased to be in Authority Magazine this week talking about the “5 Things You Need to Know To Be a Thought Leader” in your industry. In this rambling interview, I cover: My backstory What a thought leader is, and how it differs from an influencer Right and wrong reasons to become a thought leader […]

The journey to wholeness

If you’re a “rebel with a cause” who’s dazzled by too many possibilities, chances are high that you’ve drifted from squirrel to squirrel, shiny object to shiny object, job to job. You’ve accumulated a lot of tools in your toolbox, and gained so many diverse perspectives. All this feeds into your unique ability to pattern-match […]

Authentic leadership and imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome: those pesky feelings of inadequacy that can persist regardless of how successful we are in the eyes of the world. But is it really “imposter syndrome?” Sounds like a serious malady that might require a lifetime of therapy. Perhaps our culture has pathologized the natural nervousness that comes from growing into something new. […]

The gateway to psychological safety and inclusion

Do you feel safe to be your authentic self in your work? In your family life? In your local community? Psychological safety is a big topic lately among my LinkedIn network, probably because so many of us feel unsafe in typical company cultures… especially if we feel different from the people around us. In this […]

When the words don’t come

When your drive runs low. When you’re just not feelin’ it. When it feels forced instead of flowing. When you just want to walk away. It’s ok. It’s not (always) a sign that you’re doing the wrong thing. I absolutely love what I do. And I’ve been working really hard, trying to get some movement […]

Rebels versus Guardians: a case study in misunderstandings

The story of Andrei Doroshin, a 22 year old who successfully led the testing and vaccination of thousands of Philly residents before getting fired, caught my eye in the news feed. Since writing this post, I’ve learned that this is quite a controversial topic and that Andrei is widely seen as guilty in the court […]

Don’t let *could* be the enemy of great

If there’s one thing I hear from my rebel clients time and time again, it’s “I could do ____.” Yes, of course you could! You’re a fast thinker and dot connector with myriad interests. You’ve proven that you’re a quick study, picking up a variety of skills and know-how throughout your life. The double-edged sword […]


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