You want to super-charge your business without expending more effort… all while staying true to yourself and your values? You’re in the right place.

I work with new founders, serial entrepreneurs and leaders who fit the description of “rebel with a cause” and want to create something significant.

Rebels are rapid-fire, intuitive thinkers, dot connectors and fairness fighters who challenge the status quo. They’re outliers in traditional companies… and that’s a really good thing.

Today’s volatile world demands a different approach: more systemic and human.

Unlike typical minds, the Rebel Mind can take advantage of more agile, unified and innovative strategies and ways of working. And that’s exactly what I’ve been developing for the past three decades.

Over my 30-year consulting career, I’ve learned why companies get really stuck… and how growing companies can avoid those pitfalls and disrupt the big guys.

Hint: We Start with WHO, ensuring authentic, emotional resonance between you, your team and your customer… which creates the conditions for success.

WHO then informs why, what and how. We’ll design your brand and business strategy that borrows principles from natural ecosystems, platforms, and the highest-growth companies.

If you’re in B2B, you’ll tap my expertise in selling and leading 6- and 7-figure strategy consulting projects in some of the largest companies in the world.

When you work with me, you get far more than a business coach. I’m more like your Chief Strategy Officer; although you’re doing the work, I’ll guide and push your thinking far beyond your current limits. I’m hands-on and an extremely quick study. It’s common to map out your foundational strategy together on a white board in less than an hour (after we’ve done the groundwork!).

We’ll craft your bespoke collaboration with me to include any or all of the following. It can be packaged in a coaching format, or educational sessions and workshops.

  • Start with WHO: Authentic leadership and clarity of vision
  • Start with WHO part 2: Magnetize customers, don’t acquire them
  • WHO informs WHAT and HOW: The agile, human-based growth platform
  • Start with WHO in B2B – Products, Pricing and Selling
  • From Friction to Flow: borrowing strategies from the world’s most connected minds to ensure exponential scale
  • Team dynamics using Motivational DNA and Whole Mind tools
Mindset & Action
  • Tapping inner wisdom — gut-listening
  • Mindfulness training
  • Prioritization and saying no
  • Staying true to yourself
  • Accountability and personal metrics using coaching software (see About for a video overview)

Want to try something small first? Check out the Get Unstuck mini-program.

what they say

“I have worked with my fair share of coaches and consultants, but working with Jen was unique; it made an immediate impact in my work/life balance…” (see Get Unstuck for the full testimonial)

Lauren: CEO & Co-Founder, Branding Agency

“In short order, Jen provided the additional structure and guidance needed to further refine my business purpose and core values. The way she approaches this process is thought-provoking yet simple to understand, and provides clear value to those looking to develop their brand or overall business.”

Nicole: CEO, B2B Operations Service Firm

“Jen possesses a rare blend of expertise in both customer and brand strategy – a now critical combination in today’s customer-centric business environment. She was invaluable working with me at Cisco, guiding our playbook to drive business outcomes using customer insights. She is positive, energetic, and a talented storyteller who knows how to get people committed to a cause. I highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for a brilliant and seasoned strategist to quickly uncover ways to be more competitive!”

Rachael: Chief Customer Officer, LeanData

“Jennifer has the unique ability to tailor her messages to audiences at all levels in the organization. Her interviews of our brand teams, supply chain leaders and executives helped us uncover stumbling blocks and win new champions. She was able to tailor her recommendations to ensure they not only improved footprint but would also drive performance.”

– Sustainability Marketing Lead, Johnson & Johnson

“Jennifer’s human-centered approach helped us clarify our understanding of our most important customers and tighten our product thinking to target the highest value opportunities. It’s very useful to gain alignment.”

– VP Product Development, Descartes Labs