First and foremost, I’m a rebel with a cause. I’m a fast thinker, dot connector and status quo buster who never fit into mainstream jobs and companies. Throw in a sprinkle of ADHD and Asperger’s and I really never had a chance. But damn, I tried.

For too many years I conformed to the expectations of others; “should” became my middle name. I learned how to shut down everything except for an overactive brain, because that’s what I was rewarded for. My soul felt sucked dry.

In February of 2019, I quit my 30-year strategy consulting career, sold everything in the US and flew to Europe on a 1-way ticket. At the time, I simply thought I wanted to live overseas. I now know that this was the dark cocoon into which I’d crawl and, in solitude across 14 countries, become… myself.

I’m now making my home in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state), working and living on my own terms, and living the life I didn’t dare think was possible for me. I’m deeply in tune with my own inner wisdom, which keeps me centered on what brings me joy. It’s this skill that I’m most excited to teach others.

I also pull in my extensive human-motivation research and strategy expertise in coaching leaders and entrepreneurs. I spent the past three decades in human-centric transformation and sustainability working with companies like Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, Environmental Defense Fund, Principal Financial and many more:

  • conducting countless research studies into what makes people tick, which informs my coaching programs
  • advising on how customer centricity (“start with WHO”) can help complex organizations get unstuck, scale and thrive
  • designing platform-based business AND operating models for more efficiency and impact
  • how to harness human emotion to accelerate collaborative forward progress on issues that matter
  • aligning environmental and social sustainability to brand and business outcomes
  • speaking to rally employees and sales departments around their unifying ideas

“Jen is a visionary, unstopped by any boundaries she faces. Jen’s guidance, openness, kindness, compassion, ability to listen and be helpful is a rarity. Jen’s always searching for purpose, contentment and life opportunities for herself and all her friends and clients.”

Jacqui B.


I’m not a passive question-asker, but rather a collaborator on your journey. I straddle left- and right-brain thinking, structure with sensing, frameworks and fluidity that empower you to spark your own insights. I’m direct. I’ll intuitively poke around to find what’s under the surface. I see you and your potential, and I’ll push you to step up and see for yourself. I only work with a handful of 1:1 clients: those who are ready to harness the power of their original minds and test the limits of possibility.

In addition to weekly 1:1 calls, clients get access to drop-in weekly Office Hours and a private online community. We’ll use accountability software to keep you on track.