“This is the first time I had clarity.”

John Morley is a perfect example of a Rebel with a Cause: a fast-thinking, intuitive status-quo buster who can be dazzled by the infinite possibilities within his field of vision. After leaving the corporate world after decades of service, he was ready to be his own boss. But where to start? He came to me 9 months ago with a laundry list of ideas.

Through building his personal and business Touchstones, and learning how to trust his gut-level intuition, John’s now bringing to life what he was born to do… tapping into his expertise and innate passion for collaborative problem-solving to unlock trapped value within organizations.

In the 90-second version, hear John talk about the key outcomes from our work together. If this sparks your interest, you can find the full interview below, in which John walks through his Touchstone and shares how it directly informed his new business.

As I mention in the longer video, this process emerged from my customer-centric strategy work on what motivates humans to do what we do. These core needs and associated emotions are our unique Motivational DNA — when we know this about ourselves, we can more intentionally design lives and work to fit who we really are.

And if you’re a leader in sales, marketing or innovation who’s stymied by stuckness and don’t have extra resources to throw at the problem, you can learn more about John here.

Full interview

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