How an inner compass helps Rebels focus without getting bored

You probably know that focus helps minimize overwhelm and make progress…. building steadily towards a new future. But for rebels who are wired to see infinite possibilities, focus often means boredom. Not only are you unsure you can focus, you’re not sure if you want it!

I created the below video a few months back to explain the process I developed — through a lot of trial and error — to help me stay on track in a way that works with (not against) my endlessly curious mind. It’s informed by over 30 years of research into human behavior: why we buy stuff we don’t need. And it’s designed to connect the dots between the different sides of our multi-potentialite selves, creating coherence and unity. Over time, working with my coaching clients through their own Inner Compasses, I’ve refined it to both an art and a science.

If you’re curious about how to apply the power of the Inner Compass to your own life and work, check out the Intentional Rebels program.

I’m also looking for intuitive, dot-connecting coaches who work with original minds like ours, and who would like to add a powerful, proven tool to their toolbox. If that’s you, book a call with me here.

“Not only do I feel like my life has direction, I feel like I have connected to the flow that was always there.” – Beth, Cohort 1

“The program has developed my sense of self and identity, shedding light and providing clarity on my values and priorities, providing me with bespoke tools which enable navigation when I am lost.” – Davina, Cohort 1

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