What do you really, really want?

wish on a star

I used to think that magical things happened for other people, but not for me. That it was all rather pointless to have wishes and dreams because they weren’t going to happen, so why get my hopes up? 

And of course I was right… to a point. 

Magical things don’t happen for people who are hiding from themselves. 

Now that I’m willing to step out and be seen, some cool stuff’s been happening. 

I got published in Fast Company! That’s been on my wish list for a while. They changed the headline — it was supposed to be Beyond EQ for Leaders — but the article outlines the foundation for all my work: why we humans do what we do. Hint: it’s not logical. 

I was interviewed for the Burntout To Badass podcast; the episode was just released Friday. I shared that embarrassing trigger moment that prompted me to walk away from my job and ultimately venture overseas. 

I decided to make my home base in Dahab, Egypt! I get to play outside every day, swimming and snorkeling and biking and boat trips and photographing the funny goats that roam the streets. I feel an expansive YES every day. 

Most importantly, I’m building my tribe. 

After decades of feeling like a lost unicorn (to borrow a term from one of my creative clients), I’m feeling a sense of belonging… mostly over Zoom, but I’ll take it! Did you know a group of unicorns is called a glory of unicorns? How awesome is that?  

If you’re a misfit, rebel, chameleon or unicorn, and you’re ready to activate magic within a group that totally gets you, this is the last week to sign up for Intentional Rebels! We’re hosting a Dot Connecting party this Friday. Hope to see you there. 

Get on the wait list now. No obligation, you can always unsubscribe!

PS.  Want to know how it’s turning out for the members of cohort 1? Testimonials are rolling in… and the benefits go far beyond next-chapter clarity. 

It is impossible to overstate the transformation that has accompanied this program and the work I have done with it and adjacent to it. Not only do I feel like my life has direction, I feel like I have connected to the flow that was always there. While I am not sure what all the logistics will look like, I have discovered that working for myself is a much better fit than finding “the job.” I have also made a big personal change that was a long time coming and something that terrified me. From the outside, things may look less certain than when I started the program; however, I KNOW that I am on a path to prosperity.” – Beth

The surprising outcome for me was the group dynamic and finding my tribe. I didn’t even realise I felt alone with some of the things I was doing and how I processed things. It was such a relief to find out I wasn’t alone… It was great to get back in touch with gut feel and it has started triggering some serendipity.” – Tanya

If you’re ready to feel seen for who you really are, to navigate uncertainty with clarity and confidence, and begin intentionally designing your life and work, enter your contact information in the wait list form on this page; you’ll be prompted to apply for the program via a Fit Form (we want to make sure you’re not too normal!) and then you’ll be invited to our event this Friday! 

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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