Want to connect the dots with us?

It's time to connect the dots

As a Rebel, you’re a skilled dot connector…. but sometimes you feel like the odd-dot out, not woven into the fabric of mainstream life and work. Maybe you’ve adapted to fit the pattern instead of designing a pattern to fit you

The core principles of the Intentional Rebels transformation program are Authenticity & Belonging: finding your true ME within a supportive WE. This is a 3-month journey where original minds are seen, celebrated and equipped with the skills to design HELL YES lives and work.

Want to learn more?

Next week, I and Davina, my newly appointed Curator of Belonging & Magic, are hosting virtual get-togethers next week for anyone interested in the program. 

At Coffee & Cocktails (depending on your time zone!) you’ll meet current and prospective future members of the Intentional Rebel tribe, and get a sneak peek into the type of community we’re building. It’s a time to connect, share ideas and ask questions. 

But hold on…. not so fast! 

We’re carefully curating this group to be a safe space with like-minded Rebels, so I hope you’ll appreciate this extra step to ensure you’ll feel like you truly belong… 

First, pretty please, would you fill out the fit form? You’ll also get a link to the Whole Mind Assessment to learn more about how you think and make decisions. 

Then what? 

If we both feel like this program can help you take your clarity and confidence to the next level and beyond, you’ll get the invitation to one of the following times: UPDATE: ONLY FRIDAY IS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

Dot Connecting: Coffee & Cocktails #1 – Tuesday May 4
4.30pm Cairo / 3:30pm London / 10.30am New York / 7:30am San Francisco
Dot Connecting: Coffee & Cocktails #2 – Friday May 7
6.00pm Cairo / 5pm London / 12pm New York / 9am San Francisco
What if I can’t join at these times? 

Please fill out the Fit Form! There’s a space to ask questions about the program… fire away. Mention you can’t make the event. I’ll either email you back with answers, or I might even request we jump on a call to be extra sure this is a fit for you. 

If you’re a Rebel, we need your dot to complete the pattern.

I hope to see you soon! 


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