The Birthplace of Magic

Intentional Rebels

As you may know from last week’s post, my brain tripped a fuse and I went into shut-down mode.

At the time, I thought it was overwhelm… and it was, to a point.

But the real issue was that my center had drifted back up to my head. And when I operate from my head, it’s easy to spin out of control.

Easy to chase the wrong things… or the right things in the wrong way.

Contrary to common belief, the head is the least safe place we could possibly be.

This top-heavy imbalance creates anxiety, not magic.

So I spent Sunday on a dive boat on the crystal-clear Red Sea, snorkeling and swimming and laughing with friends, then sharing a traditional bedouin dinner of a whole cooked goat at a beach camp before returning to Dahab.

There was a moment on the boat where I stood alone, watching the sun descend behind the rugged Sinai landscape. My mind was perfectly still, mirroring the brilliant turquoise water. My energy was grounded low in my body… expansive, deep, joyful, radiant.

It felt like a whole-body smile.

This is what coming back to center feels like.

I’m lit up when I’m exploring the world, being active in nature, and feeling a sense of belonging.

What lights you up?

Whatever your answer, that’s the source of power; it brings us home to ourselves.

Home is not a structure; it’s not found in other people, nor in our brains… home is feeling rooted and grounded and comfortable in our own skin.

Our very cores are the birthplaces of magic.

When I create white space in my calendar to give myself the luxury — no, the necessity — of play and freedom and exploration and connection, I drop into the core of who I am.

And magically, the flow is reversed.

I stop chasing and start attracting.

Yesterday I got back to work from a very different emotional and physical space, and the ideas came to me.

I realized that the next incarnation of Intentional Rebels is not a course… it’s a membership that nurtures authenticity and belonging.

Of course. This is what I teach: start with the emotional end in mind, and work backwards. I too can forget.

In the rush of doing instead of being, we can all get swept away from our center… our source of inexplicable flow and ease and joy.


What small activity can you do today to reconnect with your birthplace of magic?

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