Oh hello, overwhelm.

I found myself laying on my sofa this morning after breakfast, practicing deep, slow breathing to activate the relaxation center of my brain. Feeling the tears that come with the anxiety of hitting a wall, and holding space for all of it.

 I have missed my regular newsletters the past 2 weeks. 

I owe many of you an update on the Intentional Rebels program; I’ve made some changes based on my hardwired limitations of not being able to take on too much, and I need to tell you about them. 

I have a stack of to-do’s, with more being added every day. 

Just breathe, Jen. It’s all ok. 

I know that there’s freedom and power in…

 … accepting my brain often takes in more information than I can manage 

…. saying “I can’t do this… at least not right now.” 

… coming home to myself, giving permission to be instead of do

… being gentle with myself about hitting this wall as a coach; it happens to everyone. 

Deadlines are a function of doing, not being. And for the most part, I’m in charge of deadlines. 

There were no deadlines this past weekend as I checked out of civilization to stay up the coast in a bamboo hut on the Sinai peninsula. 

And there are no real deadlines now… none that will cause anything to blow up, anyway. 

So much self-imposed stress. Do you ever feel this way too? 

I’m more sensitive these days.

I used to pride myself on how much I could juggle at the same time. But I realize now that I was just as sensitive then; I’d just figured out how to store my stress in my body and then disconnect from the discomfort. 

These days, I no longer disconnect. I allow myself to be in my body, which tells me very clearly when I’ve bit off more than I can chew. 

It also tells me when I’m busy working on the wrong thing, or from the wrong place… from my head instead of the core of my being.

After the client calls that feed my soul, I’ll push everything off the table for a long weekend. On Monday afternoon, I’ll re-establish the balance between my aspirations and my whole-self wellness and proceed with care. 

And begin, yet again, to recalibrate the culturally distorted perspective of what I — or any human — can realistically take on at once.

Dropping the need to prove my value (to whom? myself?) by how much I can get done.

Dropping it all… except simply being, and flowing from that grounded place.


What does your stress feel like in your body? Where do feel it? Will you breathe into it and gently release it? 

What can you take off the table in your life and work to give yourself some white space?

Will you give yourself permission to be instead of do this weekend? 

How can you create a sense of joy and play, even in very small ways?

If you’re a leader, do you give yourself AND your team permission to raise your hands and say, “this is more than I’m able to take on?”

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

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