How to be a thought leader

I’m pleased to be in Authority Magazine this week talking about the “5 Things You Need to Know To Be a Thought Leader” in your industry. In this rambling interview, I cover:

  • My backstory
  • What a thought leader is, and how it differs from an influencer
  • Right and wrong reasons to become a thought leader
  • Business opportunities that come from being a thought leader
  • 5 steps to becoming a thought leader

If you’ve been following me so far, you’ll be unsurprised that I “start with WHO”… which informs authenticity and resonance: two of the most essential concepts for thought leadership and growing your own business. Authenticity is who you truly are, and resonance is about the emotional connection you form with your clients, customers, followers or collaborators. This is what “reverses the flow” — enabling you to stop chasing and start attracting.

“The most important tip is to be authentic. To do that, Start with WHO. While it’s a popular idea to “start with why,” it’s more important to first understand yourself: who you are, what motivates you, what lights you up. Knowing ourselves is not an intellectual exercise; it’s a deeply felt one that taps the neural network throughout our bodies and the emotions that motivate us.” 

If the term “thought leader” isn’t your bag, take a page from the playbook I use with my coaching clients: we play with Archetypes like Firestarter, Trailblazer, Galvanizer, Pioneer… There are many creative and authentic ways to frame up this idea for each individual!

Oh, and if you prefer video, you can watch me give the shorter answer here.

PS. Doors are opening for the second cohort of the Intentional Rebels program, which kicks off in early April! Over 9 weeks, participants deep into the first two tips: Authenticity and Simplicity. It’s a perfect foundational course for intentionally designing work and life, and also developing your thought leadership platform. Get your name on the wait list here.

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