The journey to wholeness

If you’re a “rebel with a cause” who’s dazzled by too many possibilities, chances are high that you’ve drifted from squirrel to squirrel, shiny object to shiny object, job to job. You’ve accumulated a lot of tools in your toolbox, and gained so many diverse perspectives. All this feeds into your unique ability to pattern-match and see the whole cloth.

The downside: it feels like you’ve lived many incarnations within this single life. So many different sides of yourself lie abandoned like discarded uniforms on the side of the winding road that you’ve travelled over the years. There may also be parts of you that you don’t even remember, buried under the rubble of childhood trauma.

You may think you’ve moved on. That you’re someone new now. Or that you simply have too many interests and don’t want to be forced to choose.

Thing is… these are all parts of you. All those past incarnations, all these interests of past current and future — they are all manifestations of a single human being with a single (deeply multifaceted) identity.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to re-integrate… and in doing so, become truly whole.

Perhaps our deepest longing is wholeness.

It certainly has been mine. I’ve been writing about coherence for years. I even wrote a book proposal called Coherence and then, like any good Rebel, discarded it for shinier things. I kept trying to reconcile and bring together fragments in the outer world, especially silo-busting within fragmented organizations. I saw how schools socialize us all from an early age to see topics like math, art, science and history as discrete topics instead of interdependent… so it’s no surprise that all elements of society seem to be fragmented as well.

It’s only been within the past couple years could I see that my yearning to reconcile the outer world was a reflection of the deep need for reconciliation within myself.

Our outer worlds always mirror our inner worlds.

If you have a compulsive need to connect the dots externally, try doing it first for yourself.

I had this exact conversation twice yesterday, addressing the question of “how do I connect these two really different interests?” To answer that, we need to find the third way.

Whenever we’re caught in a binary trap — either this or that — it’s time to find the third way. What is the pattern here? What connects the two? What if I combine this and that to make something entirely new? If these different sides of myself sat down to create something together, what would emerge?

Yes, it’s possible to combine a corporate environment with magical fireflies. They both exist within the same person… which means they both exist in others as well. How it manifests will be Tanya’s gift to the world.

Yes, it’s possible to combine an innovation day job with a personal book passion. They both exist within the same person… which means they both exist in others as well. What that looks like will be Connie’s gift to the world.

When we combine our outer-world interests, we reconcile and integrate our inner worlds. And the more we reconcile previously abandoned parts of ourselves, the more complete and whole and fulfilling our outer worlds will be.

And other people will be magnetized by that wholeness.

What sides of you are calling for reconciliation? What golden threads connect them below the water line? How can you direct your incredible pattern-matching, dot-connecting abilities inward?

This is the true work of our lives. This is how “rebels with a cause” change the world.

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