When the words don’t come

When your drive runs low.

When you’re just not feelin’ it.

When it feels forced instead of flowing.

When you just want to walk away.

It’s ok.

It’s not (always) a sign that you’re doing the wrong thing.

I absolutely love what I do. And I’ve been working really hard, trying to get some movement and closure on some projects. A friend of mine commented yesterday, “I thought you were all about intentional life/work design… why are you working so hard?”

Well, I’m building something that I care about. I’m passionate about helping leaders with quirky brains see, embrace and express their gifts; they’re the game-changers who will change this world. I love this work: coaching, writing, creating courses. I love the fact that I’m now in Istanbul listening to the seagulls and the call to prayer as I write this.

And… I hit a wall yesterday.

I sat down three times to write this weekly newsletter and the words simply didn’t come.

I’m tapped out. And that’s ok.

This week, one of my clients shared the song, “Turn, turn, turn” by the Byrds. To everything there is a season.

A time to get in the zone and work around the clock, if that’s what you want to do. And also a time to walk away from the computer for an hour, a day, a weekend or a week.

A time to recharge.

A time to connect.

A time for silence.

This feels qualitatively different than when I hit burnout three years ago. Then, I wasn’t aligned with my truth. Consulting seemed intellectually right; my brain was happy but my soul was starved.

Nothing’s perfect in this world… but I’ve designed a life and work that’s fully in line with my identity, strengths and limitations. In general, it feels really easy. The only time it’s not easy is when I push myself a little too hard, and I know to listen to my body when it’s time to slow down.

My only real job is to be honest with myself and with you. To be fully human and give myself permission to feel whatever comes up, and honor that truth.

Interestingly…. when I choose to slow down and feel what wants to be felt, the words come.

I’ll spend the next couple days wandering with my camera around an empty Istanbul, then flying to the sunny diving town of Dahab, Egypt (where, reportedly, there’s no COVID!) to chill out a bit more before jumping back into work I love. 

Lucky me, right? But it’s not luck… this is the life I’ve chosen and created. 

What is your authentic life that’s ready to be born? I’d love to hear from you. 

PS. If you’re ready to design a life and work that is deeply authentic and true, I have one 1:1 spot left. You can chat with me here. Or, put your name on the wait list for cohort 2 of Intentional Rebels. 

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