Have you embraced your true nature?

Sometimes I get depressed and anxious, regardless of pandemics or nail-biting elections. I start sinking into heaviness, retreating to my bedroom where I re-read old favorites or binge-watch shows on Amazon Prime. 

I know myself well enough by now that this pattern is a signal: a red flag waved by my fiercely freedom-loving self that I haven’t been living in accordance with my true nature. 

If I were an animal, I’d be a bird: a hawk or a falcon soaring high above the earth, wings outstretched. I have an innate restlessness, a compulsion to explore. When I don’t nurture this side of me, life loses its zest. I feel trapped. Earthbound. 

Of course, pandemics and nail-biting elections magnify these downer feelings, which is why I spontaneously rented a car on Sunday and escaped to the wild Kazbegi region on the border of Georgia and Russia for a couple days. 

Monday found me hiking along a stream briskly tumbling down from snow-capped mountains. The weather’s perched on the crisp edge of winter this time of year, sunny with a bit of a chill. Sure, the lush flora and fauna of summer are gone, but this is my happy place. Marinating in the silence of this valley among the peaks, camera in hand, my heart was full almost to the point of tears. 

Depression vanished, displaced by deep gratitude to myself for feeding my true nature… for not suppressing this very real need as “impractical”… for refusing to continue living someone else’s life. My inner bird whispers thank you… thank you. 

After my hike, I drove back to the lux Rooms Hotel for a swim, then a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the mountains (with COVID safety precautions, of course!). These two days are my reward for rapidly approaching my max client capacity for the year.

I’m here to testify that when we do what we love — when we’re in the flow, powered by an alignment with our core truth — we’ll be taken care of. I have found my security within my freedom, not in spite of it. 

If you were an animal, what would you be? Are you truly living in accordance with your true nature? What is yearning to be acknowledged and nurtured within you? How can you intentionally design your life and career to celebrate (not suppress) the truth of who you are? 

Authentically yours, Jen

PS. I have only one coaching spot left in 2020. If you’d like some help in exploring these questions, I’d be happy to chat with you about it, no strings attached.  Book a call with me here.

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