Journal entry: Be a Magician, not a Seeker.

I’d always seen life as a journey; the ultimate metaphor for seekers of truth. But when I started writing my book using this framework, something inside me said no… this isn’t quite right. My gut said that life is NOT a journey. Hmmm… what is it then?

When I look for answers, I hold my pen and ask truth to flow through me, to tell me what I need to know. This is what came to me yesterday while I basked in my neighborhood park, sunlight warming my skin, feet planted on the grassy earth (with not a soul around me! Yay for social distancing.) I hope you’ll try this wisdom-tapping method for yourself.

“Like any good hero’s journey, your path will always lead you back home to yourself. The place from which you started, but couldn’t see from your previous level of awareness.

What you seek you do not find, because you do not remain rooted and still enough for it to find you. You can either chase endlessly, or stand in your power — immovable — and magnetize that which belongs to you in truth.

Your attention is on the outer world because you assume you must focus there in order to change it. But the outer world will automatically change as you do. It will always reflect the truth you believe about yourself.

Like the baby that is enraptured by what it sees in the mirror, reaching out to grasp to what it sees, you keep trying to enter the mirror. To change what is reflected, you must change what is being revealed in that mirror.

Your beliefs, stories, baggage — that is what is revealed in your outer world. Strip it away and stand naked in soul before the mirror that you call “your reality”…. and you will see a world that reflects and supports who you truly are.

Yet you are terrified to look at yourself truly in the mirror, afraid of what you might see. You’ve been told that who you are is wrong, told by people who believed this same story told to them by others… and on and on it goes. The only wrong is hiding your nakedness in shame.

You are glorious! And this you must see for yourself. Only by letting go of everything that is not you, can you reconcile yourself in wholeness. To get everything you want, be everything you want… and you already are. Joy will respond to the joy within you. Love will respond to the love within you.

Reframe your self perception from Seeker to Magician. When we stray too far, we lose our magic. The realms where we don’t belong will not respond to our words; they speak a different language. But when you stand in the realm of your Belonging, you have the power to speak your truth into being.

Step into the light where you may be seen by others. You cannot create the life you want without being seen. You must be seen and found by that which you call. Do not fear being overwhelmed; do not fear of what others think. You will not even be seen by those who don’t resonate with you; you will be invisible to them, for they are also seeing their reflected worlds. Like a bird in a tree branch calling its familiars, other breeds will not respond. But nothing will come if you do not call… if you fail to raise your voice… if you hide from the light.

If your path is hidden, it simply means that YOU are hidden. Hiding from yourselves. Hiding from your truth.

This is the time to be still. To allow the sediment of your old life, busyness and beliefs to settle to the bottom of the glass so that you can see yourselves clearly. Embrace your truth and create from that place of truth.”

PS. I used to fear putting things like this out there. I didn’t want to be seen as weird. But hey! I am a bit weird, and that’s fine by me. I know that as a bird calls its familiars, those who read this until the end and resonate are part of my tribe. And you are the ones I want to share my truth with, and I want to see and honor your truths in return.

If you’d like for me to address a question that you have, please let me know in the comments. I’d like to start flexing my intuitive muscles beyond my own small life. Or, if you’d like to learn how to do this for yourself, let me know that too.

love to you, Jen Rice

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