I see you.

Yes you: the game-changing leader who often feels unseen for who you truly are.

You’re a “rebel with a cause” — a fast-thinking, dot-connecting, status-quo busting human who sees clearly what everyone else misses.

You’re dazzled by all the possibilities in your wide field of vision… which makes focus and linear goal setting a tall order.

You might find it hard to take off your mask, because the world keeps beckoning you to fit in… to play the game… to move through life or work in a way that doesn’t feel comfortable to you.

My job is to help you step into the fullest expression of your individuality with clarity, confidence and coherence, bringing your whole self to everything you do.

My gift is my ability to lovingly mirror your truest self, so you can see it too.

I combine strategy, intuition and creativity to help original minds blaze their own trails, intentionally designing lives and businesses that are fully in line with their truths. And by doing so, create the ripple effects that really do change the world.

I felt seen on a level that impressed me. What impressed me more was how she used her keen powers of observation to challenge me in ways that were sometimes uncomfortable but always impactful, helpful, and appreciated. Jen is like an intuitive acupuncturist for the psyche, knowing just where and how to apply her needle-like questions and reflections to help me unlock deeper and more authentic self-awareness and light the path forward.” – Kate G.