Big visions need deep roots.

I’m phasing out this site and will soon launch my new company, Groundbreaking LLC. Head over to check out my website-in-progress, and please forgive any typos or broken links! It will be official the week of Sept 13th.

You’re a fast-thinking, dot-connecting rebel with a cause. You see possibilities that others miss, and have the kind of mind that can move humanity forward. You’re ready to create impact at scale.

Yet visionary entrepreneurs aren’t usually easy leaders to follow. Dazzled by possibilities, it can be hard to gain and maintain clarity. Agility and pivots can create organizational whiplash and drain resources if not wielded with care and intention.

To be truly groundbreaking in the world, we must first break ground in our inner landscapes… getting rooted in who we are, developing executive presence and clarity, and tapping into flow.

By integrating coaching with strategy, Jen Rice helps new and current founders grow themselves and their businesses with purposeful ease. We start with WHO (not why) — creating human-centered organizations unhindered by the friction that plagues traditionally run companies.

But don’t take my word for it…. if this 90-second introduction sparks your interest, you can watch the full Touchstone walkthrough here.

“Having Jen as a coach is the fuel to get focused, build and grow the business I want at this stage in my life. What she does is magic.”

– Beth, CEO, The Henson Group

“My investment with Jen paid for itself by at least 10x.”

– Jeff, Founder, The Elegant Leap